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Jazz Dance Workshop


Credit to Jason Plus Photography

Come and join us for an informal and exciting three-week FREE jazz dance workshop! Workshops are lead by professionally instructor Mark Armstrong taking place at the Highworth Church Rooms on Thursdays from 7-8pm on:

  • 20th June

  • 27th June

  • 4th July


Here’s a little bit of info from Mark as to what you can expect and what’s required:


  1. No skills other than a little coordination and a reasonable level of fitness. 

  2. I will be teaching a basic UK jazz dance routine and basic solo moves for possible Individual performance from attendees.

  3. Loose light clothing, towel, and drink for rehearsals. Trainers or Shoes can be worn. For performances…, Shoes, black trousers and plain white shirt/t-shirt

  4. To show and teach warm up, stretching and the basic UK jazz dance steps.

  5. The steps learnt will be incorporated into a short routine and possibly solos from the attendees depending on their confidence/steps taken in.

  6. I would say up to 10 would be ideal.

  7. The routines would be no more than 2-3 mins each (possibly 3), as the steps are quite fast. but solos can be added and myself and another dancer will do our own performance/solos on the day

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